Asked specifically for an earlier delivery date than was predicted - it was delivered even earlier than that! Excellent customer service, phenomenal selection of cards, staggeringly low prices, fast delivery, intelligently packaged. I cannot think of one flaw within Magic Singles.

I use MagicSingles frequently and I've never been disappointed with the service or cost. Super-fast delivery every time and the cards are priced appropriately. Can't fault these guys.

Whilst other local game stores and online retailers are price gouging, the zendikar fat packs here are listed at RRP, which says everything you need to know about the integrity of the people running this store! Top marks! Now, if only I could lay my hands on one.......

Cards in great condition, fair prices and amazingly fast/accurate delivery dates. Definitely the place to shop for your cards.

Excellent delivery speed and fantastic service all round. Thank you!

Have been buying Weiss Schwarz cards from here, so far 3 orders with no problems and perfect quality with a fast delivery time.

I've ordered time and time again, and the cards come quickly and in perfect condition, only had one issue which was dealt with quickly and with great attitude, best website in UK for MTG

Ordered from this site several times now and could not recommend them more. Delivery is fast, cards are well packaged, and in great condition. I actually want to give this company my money - the service is that good!

Always delivered the next when I order and it's only 1 pound for the shipping! Amazing service and well packaged. My only gripe is that they don't have all the cards in stock; which is probably good for my wallet. Easily the best place the buy Magic in UK.

Outstanding service - a deckbuilder's dream :D